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The brilliant device that manages how we use the internet, every day.

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What is Circle?

Manage every device in your home that's connected to the Internet.

Circle is a device, managed by an iOS app, that enables you to choose how you and your family spend time online by using advanced filtering, time management systems and informing to answer the where, when, why, and how of your network's Internet activity.

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The Circle device

Beautiful & Intuitive

Circle is a smart network device that "talks" with your router and each household device constantly to filter and manage content based on the settings you desire. Circle connects to your outlet with a micro-USB and has an internal battery allowing it to work continuously when unplugged so you can place the device anywhere in your home.

Bamboo and standard Circles

The Circle app

  • Overview

    Your family's daily Internet usage and devices

  • User Profiles

    User activity, devices & individual reports

  • Time Management

    Per device & user profile

  • Device Management

    Bedtime & Safe Modes

  • Pause

    Network Pause Mode

  • Circle Up

    Encouraging you to reconnect

Circle Features

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